New Legacy Books
Our Story
New Legacy Books was founded in New Jersey by two Monmouth University graduates. Having met at Monmouth, both were actively involved in various organizations, including work with multiple philanthropies.  New Legacy Books was created with the intention of continuing these philanthropic ways by providing services to organizations and charities throughout our communities.

New Legacy Books was created as a for-profit organization; with a mission to help give back to our community through the sale and redistribution of collected books. All books will be used in some way. Books will be resold to individuals that can give the books a new home at the same time raising funds for organizations in our communities.  If the books have seen better days and are deemed no longer usable, they will be recycled properly rather than ending up in a landfill.
Every book can help !
 No book will go unused!
New Legacy Books ®   , Hackettstown, NJ